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Thanks for visiting my website.  Restless Spirit Investigations is a serious group which investigates the paranormal with professional results.  We have investigated several places and have come away with positive evp's and many photographs of spirits which occupied those residences.  We use several techniques that really seem to entice the spirits.  I hope you enjoy this website and thank you again for taking the time to view it.  If you need any investigation done, please see the contact section and send me an email.

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We are still actively investigating.  We have become full-time RVer's and will be traveling around the country.  So let us know where you are and I will get back and let you know when we will or could be in your area.  Thanks so much!

While viewing the photographs, please try to zoom in if possible.  Double click on the photos and they will enlarge.  Also, when accessing the evidence below, just click on the title and it will open that particular section.  Use external speakers and it will sound better.


Bird Cage Theater

This place is awesome!  Every person interested in the paranormal should come here.  These pics here are just by doing a self guided tour.  It has so many things to talk about, the hearse that carried all but three people from Tombstone to Boot Hill or the "cages" where the girls...

Bird Cage Theater

Face is blown up. 

Bird Cage Theater

blown up more. 

Bird Cage Theater

I drew what I see.  What do you think?This was Wyatt Earps favorite "cage".  It looked right on the stage.  I saw a photo of Wyatt Earp and this is close.

EVP's from Readfield Historical Society

can you tell me what year it is....1884.mp3 (36,3 kB) 2nd X first floor...is there anyone that wants to talk....talk to them.mp3 (19,6 kB) 2nd X first floor...ghosts.mp3 (22 kB) 2nd X first floor...Josh are you here stil...yeah Im here.mp3 (67,8 kB) 2nd X first floor....Look at them.mp3 (29,4...

Lewiston Home

are you a boy....yep.mp3 (39,2 kB) are you a christian....yes.mp3 (85,3 kB) are you a young boy....yes.mp3 (55,1 kB) are you afraid to go into the light...timid.mp3 (62,4 kB) are you just waiting here...yes...waiting.mp3 (71,4 kB) are you standing right near us....yeah.mp3 (71,8 kB) asked to stop...

Auburn Public Library

are you a young boy...yeah.mp3 (65,8 kB) are you coming closer to us now....close.mp3 (71,1 kB) are you confused...yep..no...hurting...cut.mp3 (153,9 kB) are you from 1890's...yes.mp3 (95,1 kB) bitch.mp3 (23,3 kB) bye.mp3 (19,6 kB) can you tell us what your name is...Mark.mp3 (85,3...

Cumston Hall, Monmouth, ME

after I saw someone walk by window.....breath.mp3 (52,7 kB) can you make rocking chair rock back and forth...hard...no sir.mp3 (138 kB) Chris Warner.mp3 (26,1 kB) daddy that's too close.mp3 (34,7 kB) Mr Cochran are you here...yes.mp3 (89 kB) ouch.mp3 (28,2 kB) second hi.mp3 (24,5...

Greene home

after lighting the flashlight good job....thanks.mp3 (60,4 kB) are you buried in the back of the cemetary or the front.....front.mp3 (90,7 kB) are you buried in the woods...yeah.mp3 (83,7 kB) are you buried on this property...yessum.mp3 (63,3 kB) are you buried out back....woods.mp3 (20...
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Mill Agent House 1847 pictorial.wmv

Thanks for taking the time to view these.  Hopefully their will be more with new investigations.


Home in Lewiston

02/01/2013 22:00
In this home, apparitions, voices and noises were claimed by the home owner.  Our investigation began in the livingroom using the ghost box and a meter with lights.  When we asked questions the meter would light up everytime.  Come to find out through the EVP's collected, it was a 9...

Home in Greene, ME

11/09/2012 20:00
This investigation gave positive proof to the homeowners that they were not alone.  This is the first investigation that we actually had a "conversation" with a ghost for 1 and half hours!  The spirit responded to our questions by turning on two different instruments which both lit...

Auburn Public Library

10/13/2012 20:00
The Auburn Public Library brought many surprises to our team.  Thinking we would capture one or two spirits, we were surprised at all the positive EVP's and photographs.  Even our video showed many orbs flying by throughout the new and old sections of the library.  The most active...

Fort Western, Augusta, ME

10/04/2012 20:35
  Fort Western in Augusta, ME was a terrific place to investigate.  With the help of two tour guides on our investigation, Amy and Jean, their knowledge was amazing.  We had numerous EVP's from different generations of spirits who reside there.  It was such a...

Cumston Hall, Monmouth, ME

10/04/2012 20:33
Our investigation at Cumston Hall in Monmouth, ME was quite a surprise to our team.  We did not expect to capture so many EVP's and photos/videos of orbs flying everwhere.  While in the meeting room, while we took a short break, we all heard footsteps in the room over our...

Readfield Historical Society

07/13/2012 20:00
Thanks to Florence and the Readfield Historical Society for allowing us to investigate this wonderful building.  We did not get any actual  physical participation from the spirits, but they interacted with us through the ghost box.  One particular spirit named Joshua answered loud...

Home in Rockland

05/03/2012 18:00
In this Rockland home, the residents used a ouija board to contact a friend who died in a car accident.  Seems like other spirits invited themselves in this home.  While investigating the home, the radio box was used and 36 evp's were recorded.  All are pictures showed...

Home in Cushing, ME

04/19/2012 20:00
Received a call that spirits were seen and felt at this Cushing home residence.  The preliminary meeting with the residents disclosed that while sitting watching tv, they saw a man from his torso up walk from one room to another.  Also, the residents hear voices and feel touches from...

Apartment in Lewiston

04/06/2012 20:00
Received a call from a client stating that his apartment had ghosts.  His young 4 yr old boy stated that he sees a man in his bedroom.  The spirit tells the young child that he is "bad."  On April 6, myself and my brother Mike did an investigation.  The apartment was small so...

Old American Mill, Vassalboro, Maine

11/04/2011 00:00
This was our second visit to the Old American MIll.  The night started off with warm tempertures then around midnight the temperture dropped to 28 degrees.  We visited the office area 2 times and spoke mainly with a man named Ted.  He stated that he worked there for 34 years. ...
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